Florian Chassaing
Unity3D - C# - Angular - Python



Who am I ?

My name is Florian Chassaing and I am passionate about computer programming. This passion goes back a long way. My parents often remind me these famous holidays by the sea during which I preferred to read a large C ++ book, hidden under my towel, rather than going to bathe.

I love programming for the almost infinite possibilities of creation that it allows and the sensation of freedom that it can provide. I consider the code as a way to express myself, in the same way as writing, painting, photography, cinema, singing ...

So it is not the technical aspect that interests me the most, but the creative aspect. This orientation probably comes from the fact that I am not an "academic" coder. I studied political-science and sociology and I worked for 5 years as a teacher. I am therefore self-taught in the field of programming which probably gives my productions an unorthodox aspect in the eyes of some people.

Why this site ?

For users:

Because I love building prototypes and proofs of concepts, an important part of my work has never been published. But still, some of my projects have been released to the public. The pages concerning these projects therefore contain useful information for their proper use.

For anyone interested in my work.

If you think my skills can be useful to your projects, do not hesitate to CONTACT ME

For my friends and family:

I often have difficulty explaining to my friends or family what I actually produce when I code. The purpose of this site is therefore to show them concretely the result of these hours spent in front of my computer.

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